BIOGRAPHIES A collection of 17 bound and... - Lot 15 - Eric Caudron

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BIOGRAPHIES A collection of 17 bound and... - Lot 15 - Eric Caudron
BIOGRAPHIES A collection of 17 bound and bound books ANTIOCHE. Changarnier. Paris, Plon, 1891, in-8, half brown grief (contemporary binding). AZAN. Bugeaud and Algeria. Paris, Le Petit Parisien, n.d., (1931), in-12, paperback. BASTARD. General Mellinet in Africa. Paris, Flammarion, n.d., in-8, black cloth (contemporary binding). BAZIN. Ensign Paul Henry. Tours, A. Mame, (1901), in-12, grey semi-percaline. BOISBOISSEL. A Baroudeur, Captain Georges Mangin (1873-1908). Paris, J. Peyronnet, n.d., (1954), in-12, paperback. CHARBONNEAU. Charles Le Cocq, Officer of France. Paris, Pouzet, n.d., gr. in-8, paperback. DERRÉCAGAIX. Tales from Africa. Yusuf. Paris, Chapelot, 1907, in-8, red half-basane (contemporary binding). DUMAS. Commandant Guzman. Paris, Plon, 1887, in-8, ivory half vellum (contemporary binding). Mission in America at the end of the Civil War, the court of Napoleon III, 1870, Algeria. GALLIENI. Gallieni in Tonkin (1892-1896). Paris, Berger-Levrault, 1941, in-8, half-basane rust with corners, spine with nerves (binding of the time). GANNERON. Admiral Courbet. Paris, Léopold Cerf, 1885, in-8, brown semi-percaline with corners (contemporary binding). FONCLARE. A soldier, Lieutenant Burtin (1874-1905). Paris, Chapelot, 1907, in-8, brown half-basane (contemporary binding). FOUQUERAY. Henri Mousnier-Buisson, lieutenant of the colonial army killed to the enemy, on October 22nd, 1901, in Madagascar. Notes and recollections. Limoges, Imprimerie-librairie Ducouryieux & Gout, 1903, in-12, demi-basane marine (modern binding). FROELICHER. Three colonizers. Bugeaud, Faidherbe, Galliéni. Paris, Charles-Lavauzelle, n.d., in-8, demi-basane noire (contemporary binding). PHILEBERT. Algeria and Sahara. General Margueritte. Paris, Direction du Spectateur Militaire, 1882, in-12, burgundy half-basane (contemporary binding). SAINT-MAUR (Thomas). Matho, colonial soldier 1892-1926. Paris, Éditions Witho, 1946, 2 vols. in-8, paperback. REIBELL (Emile). Co
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