AFRICA Meeting of 17 bound and bound books... - Lot 1 - Eric Caudron

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AFRICA Meeting of 17 bound and bound books... - Lot 1 - Eric Caudron
AFRICA Meeting of 17 bound and bound books on Africa ARMENGAUD. The Pacification of Africa still unsubdued. Paris, Berger-Levrault, 1930, in-8, demi-toile noire. BAYSER. Trans-Africa. Paris, Société d'Editions Géographiques, Maritimes et Coloniales, 1933, in-8, demi-toile noire. BECHET. Five years in French Sudan. Paris, Plon, 1889, in-12, half-brown sorrow. BOISBOISSEL. Black skins, white hearts. Around a centenary (1854-1954). Paris, Peyronnet, 1954, in-12, paperback. CAIX DE SAINT-AYMOUR. Fachoda. France and England. Paris, André, 1899, in-12, half brown basane (contemporary binding). CHAILLÉ-LONG. Expeditions to Lake Victoria-Nyanza and the Makraka Niam-Niam, West of the White Nile. Paris, Plon, 1888, in-12, half-brown chagrin (contemporary binding). CHAUDOIN. Three months of captivity in Dahomey. Paris, Hachette, 1891, in-12, brown half-basane (contemporary binding). CHAZELAS. African territories under French mandate. Cameroon and Togo. Paris, Société d'Editions Géographiques, Maritimes et Coloniale, 1931, in-4, paperback. CORTOT. France d'Afrique. Paris, Limoges, Nancy, Charles-Lavauzelle, 1939, in-8, half basane fauve, smooth spine (contemporary binding). DUBOC. The colonial epic in French West Africa. Paris, E. Malfère, 1938, in-8, red semi-percaline with corners (contemporary binding). FERRANDI. Le Centre-Africain français. Chad, Borkou, Ennedi. Paris, Charles-Lavauzelle, 1930, in-8, stapled. FERRANDI. From Benue to the Atlantic in pursuit of the Germans. Paris, Charles-Lavauzelle, 1931, in-8, half-percaline burgundy (rel. of the time). FOUREAU. Saharan mission (Foureau-Lamy). From Algiers to Congo by Chad. Paris, Masson, 1902, strong in-8, black cloth (modest rel.). GUIGNARD. Black troops. First cartridges. Paris, Fayard, n.d., in-12, demi-basane aubergine, spine with nerves (rel. of the period). HOURST On Niger and in the country of the Tuaregs. The Mission Hourst. Paris, Plon, 1898, in-8, demi-basane rouge (rel. of t
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